The Workers Party is a radical center party that holds six seats in the New Shetlandian Senate. It is usually abbreviated to WP. The Workers Party is a grassroots party that strives to conquer political issues by means of pragmatism instead of ideology. The party was founded in 1989 and its current frontman is Max Kinzer.

Ideology Edit

The terms radical center (or radical centre), radical middle or radical centrism describe a philosophy as well as an associated political movement and position on the political spectrum. Adherents of this philosophy claim to improve policy and general politics by not harboring a bias toward the precedence of either markets or the state, as can be characterized of right-wing politics and left-wing politics respectively.

The Workers Party is pro-abortion, and a proponent of a small government and a flat tax rate. The party wants to legalize soft drugs and has been quoted as a proponent of same sex marriage, although there is no official viewpoint on this matter in the party. Generally speaking, the party adheres little to no set viewpoints in favor of a more general ideology of pragmatism. The Workers Party does support equal opportunity for all New Shetlandians regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, or national origin.

The Workers Party Progressives is a small group within the party that aims to clarify more views on economical matters. It is in favor of a higher minimum wage, and more regular increases.

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