Name Whitton
Language(s) English
Mayor Maurice Kolodziej
State Burlington

Whitton is a city in the state of Burlington. It is the third most populous place of New Shetland. It is a sprawling city that covers a large area. Many neighbourhoods seem non-metropolitan and rural, an aesthetic feature of the city noted by many visitors.

The city is located in the central part of Burlington. It is a large city composed of mostly lower middle class neighborhoods and low buildings. Whitton is renown for its complicated road system and infamius for its perpetually congested Whitton Ring Road. It is surrounded by low hills, pastures and -mostly north of the city- chemical factories, malls and small retail businesses. The southern neighborhoods of the city extend far into the White Hills and are composed of small villas and large social housing estates famous for their unexpectedly low rate of social problems. The city is cut in two by the Milton Lane, a long stretch of road that runs from west to east. This area is where most shops and inner city buildings are located. Parallel to the Milton Lane runs the railway to Marbella.

The population of Whitton is composed of mostly German and Polish immigrants. There is also a significant Chinese minority, of which many live in Whitton China Town.

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