Samoan Power

Samoan Power (SP) is an anti-America, fundamentalist Samoan political party. The party has been founded in 1918 on Lion Island by David Makaluau and in 1919 he was arrested and executed by the Americans for trying to start a local rebellion following the one on Washington Island in 1907.

The party is against English as the official language and against any American cultural influence whatsoever. For example the holidays like the 4st of July, Thankgiving and Colonial Day (21st of August) are not to be celebrated. The party wants to expand the influence of the actual Samoan natives against that of the descendents of former slave holders and cruel colonial masters responsible for much pain and suffering in these parts.

Members Edit

Harvian Islands Flag
Politics of the Harvian Islands
EMs: George Adams (Prime Minister) - Philip Bradly-Lashawn - Semyon Breyev - Francis Stone - Vlad Negresco - Marcus Villanova - Harry Walton - Oos Wes Ilava - 2010 Estates
Districts and Governors: Leeward and Princeton (Harry Walton) - Maritima (Vlad Negresco) - Northern (Franco Flinstone) - Reefs (Marcus Villanova)
Secretariats: Secretariat of General Affairs - Secretariat of Culture and Education - Secretariat of Infrastructure - Secretariat of Finance - Secretariat of Foreign Affairs - Secretariat of Industry, Agriculture and Trade - Secretariat of Justice - Secretariat of Tourism and Leisure
Parties: Harvian Christian Union - Socialist Party of Harvia - Samoan Power - Working Families Party - Green Leaves - Vert Party

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