Port Jackson is a coastal town in the Southern Territories. It is close to Port Blundell. The town was founded in 1888 en nowadays it is the commercial center of the New Dover region. It thrives on fishing, fish processing and it is home to a paper plant that produces paper and pulp.

Many of the town's citizens are native Krai and therefore the primary schools and the Port Jackson High School educate their pupils in both English and Krai. The European-born colonists that founded the town in the nineteenth century intermarried with Krai and thus most European citizens still have ties to the Krai community and approve of both bilingual schooling and the fact that the majority of the town councillors are of native descent.

The town is surrounded by cliffs and can be reached by three double lane roads running in the northern, southeastern and southern directions. The inlands east of the town are mostly uninhabited and can be travelled through by means of a terrain car. There are many unhardened road tracks and the lack of dense forests allow easy travel through the area.

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