Photongrapher in 1991.

Photongrapher (1970, Marbella; born James Saunderson) is a New Shetlandian DJ involved with the Marbellean acid house scene. He became famous in the late 1980s with tracks such as Future Love, Gamma Dancin, I Can Make U Cry and Rain Ghost.

Photongrapher was involved in the organization of large illegal warehouse parties in New Portsmouth. He was arrested in 1991 when investigators discovered that he was one of the biggest financers of the local XTC trade. He was released on bail but arrested twice in 1992 and was sentenced to five years in prison by the Marbella court in 1993 after a lengthy trial involving many local drugs dealers, club patrons and even Yarmouth-based hitmen. This case became one of the most prolific of the 90s in terms of scale and impact on the local crime scene.

He returned to Marbella after his release in 1998 and continued producing records for local DJs. He set up a charity that helps drug addicts with kicking the habit. Famously, he was described by TIME Magazine in 2004 as "the notorious Marbella dealer that turned into one of the most respected men in the city" in an article on the New Shetland music scene.

He is noted for his long, soul-influenced compositions that incorporate elements of alternative rock, funk and jazz. He released numerous singles but only one album, Sunrise Ghosts, a reference to the name given to house party attendees by the inhabitants of Marbella.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • Sunrise Ghosts (1989)

Singles Edit

  • Future Love (1988)
  • Gamma Dancin (1989)
  • I Can Make U Cry (1989)
  • Release the Beat (1990)
  • The Queen of England (1990)
  • The Odyssey (1990)
  • Rain Ghost (1991)
  • Utah (1992)

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