Pettigo is the state capital of Milford. It is a medium-sized coastal city surrounded by a couple of smaller suburban towns that together form the Pettigo agglomeration. Pettigo has a large hospital that provides most of the Milford inhabitants with health care. The city is home to the Pettigo Smashers, an A-league rugby club. The town consists of a large historic city centre surrounded by modern upper middle class housing estates. In the 2000s a large state-owned social housing project was built south of the city, increasing the city population with approximately 20%. Small parks and industrial zones north of the town form a barrier between the suburban towns of Hamilton and Lakeside and the northern neighborhoods of Pettigo.

History Edit

The city is named after an historic native settlement called Petigoó. At the site of this settlement colonists founded the town of Pettigo in 1883, originally called The Riverton at Pettigo.

Infrastructure Edit

Facilities Edit

There is a large hospital in the city, as well as numerous smaller health care facilities. There are three high schools and a couple of elementary schools. Furthermore, two Protestant churches (of which one is situated in downtown Pettigo) and a synagogue are located within the city borders.

Tansportation Edit

The town can be accessed by numerous expressways and two motorways. There is a large train station in the northern part of the city center, called Pettigo Railway Station.

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