The Pacifist Party of New Shetland is a political party that currently holds no seats in the Senate and one seat in the Marbella state senate. The party started as a single issue party, namely the withdrawal of New Shetlandian troops from the Iraq War in 2003 but grew into a serious political party that embraced pacifism in general (executed by abolishment of the army among other measures) and progressivism. It is considered by analysts as a more radical alternative partt to the Green Party. The most important ideological difference is the viewpoints on sanctions and gun laws. The Pacifist Party's proposed policy of crippling the police force has been noted as "downright stupid" whereasthe rejection of marxist theory (compare the Marxist Front) is seen by many as "common sense" and "sharp pragmatism".

The party is led by Josh Timmer. Described as a "charismatic speaker" and "master in rhetorics" he achieved to turn the originally local Marbellan party in a pacifist pressure group/nationally active political party that received nationwide attention.

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