Do you possess a rich fantasy? Or are you just into geography, history, music, maps, flags or something else related to nation-building? In every case New Shetland is the perfect website for you! This minde experiment aims to combine escapism ([what's that?) and creativity in order to give you a better understanding of our complex and diverse world. Of course, fun is a prerquisite.

Aimed at the more creative species of wikigeek or just the unexperienced newbie interested in fictional nations, New Shetland is an example of a geofictionial project that tries to construct an elaborate invented nation.

The wiki tries to go with as few rules as possible, but for good order we created a couple of guidelines These "rules" are very liberal and are no hard and fast rules. The principal guidelines are the following:

  • The idea is that people can work as free and creative as possible without spoiling quality. That's why there aren't many rules. Also, try to avoid very exact numbers and closed lists in order to allow other people to add stuff such as cities and towns.
  • Everything that has been written down can be considered canonical, that is, it cannot be overruled or deleted. When an user feels that new material doesn't justify the quality standards or the guidelines, a vote can be held on removing content.
  • People together cause conflicts. That is, sadly, unavoidable. However, act like a grown-up and don't call somebody names. Also, trolls are politely asked to stay away. Don't be aggressive or hostile to them, they feed on that kind of negative attention. If they cause serious trouble, a moderator will surprise them with a ban.
  • Discrimination or intolerance is not desirable and will be treated accordingly.
  • Despite almost unlimited space for creativity, we want to avoid fantasy, magic and other general silliness not fitting a realistic fictional nation. Therefore, no unicorns, your mother as the emperor of Japan, or pygmy kings ruling an amusement park.

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