The Krai is a collection of native New Shetlandian nations that inhabit most of south- and mid-mainland New Shetland. The Krai are a collection of different nations and tribes unified by their common languages, the Krai language family. The Krai speak more than twenty different languages nowadays and it is believed they once spoke 40 to 50 distinct languages and dialects, of which many went extinct. The Krai share a common culture and interacted with nations such as the Chutea and Aleut. They originally came from Alaska and benefited from the moderate New Shetlandian climate that allowed them to develop into a nation of farmers and fishermen.

The Krai people live in most of the Southern states except certain areas of Blakeney, Yarmouth and all of the Ascension Islands. Large pockets of Krai tribes were situated in the Nieves valley around 1400 - 1500, archeological evidence suggested, but nowadays many of this tribes appeared to have moved northwards to boththe east coast and the west coast of Northern, separating themselves from the principal core of Krai tribes in the extreme south. Most Krai tribes live in []Burlington]], Southern Territories and Highroyds. most trade routes established in pre-colonist times led to this part of New Shetland, where both the Chutean and Krai tribes lived alongside each other. Important centers of more advanced civilization -pottery, clay houses and intensive farming- were located around Uhiígaugho, the hills of the Uhi citizens. This core area, situated around the town of Craig's Ridge, remains the most important region of native culture in present day New Shetland.

The Krai people were a farming people that shifted from a nomadic lifestyle to small permanent village communities some 2,000 years ago. They lived according to a tribal structure similar to Canadian and North American Indians, their direct forefathers. Their language is suspected to be related to Aleutic languages of Alaska and is direct evidence of their North American roots. Their southward expansiin caused for some troubles when they literally clashed with Polynesian people expanding northwards in the Harvian Islands. The originally Alaskan Asalend people still live in the Harvian Islands and, although their language is an isolate- genetic research proved their ties to both the Krai and Chutean people.

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