Kent Peninsula

The Gevulaan Plains, part of the Kent Peninsula.

The Kent Peninsula is a large peninsula in the state of Uplands, in the northern part of New Shetland. It is the northernmost part of mainland New Shetland. It was the entering point for native people from Alaska when they moved into mainland New Shetland, as it was close to the Bering land bridge. The Kent Peninsula is a vast and uninhabited wilderness composed of forests and plains.

The Kent Peninsula is divided in several distinct geographical regions. The Devil's Bend is the northernmost area of the peninsula. It consists of a elongated stretch of lowland lacking in trees or large bushes. The northernmost tip of this area is called Desolate Point.

The other two areas are the Higakus Isthmus, that connects the peninsula with the mainland, and the Gevulaan Plains, which comprises the bulk of the peninsula.

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