Josh Franklin Timmer (born 1978, Marbella) is a New Shetlandian politician, influential speaker and jazz musician. Described as an enigmatic and charismatic speaker, he was locally known as musician and essayist in the Marbellan art scene in the early 2000s. He became politician in 2003 when he set up the Pacifist Party together with like-minded people from Marbella and surroundings in what originally was a one time stance against the American invasion of Iraq.

He was elected to the state senate of Marbella in 2004 and subsequently the party announced their reform into a serious political movement. The party is still active and fronted by Timmer. It remained an influential pressure group but became infamous for its "proposal bombardments" in 2008/2009.

Timmer lives in Marbella together with his wife and three kids. He stated that he still plays jazz music occassionaly and has published his fiction debut in 2010 to critical acclaim. He likes to play the saxophone, trumpet, guitar and steel guitar, and enjoys long city walks.

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