Elliot Woodscombe, the satirical male pseudonym of Ellen Woodscombe, is a feminist writer and founder of the Green Party. She was one of the three founders, but unlike Danny Bagley and Lenard Pace she wasn't form a socialist background. She represented the party for four years from 1977 to 1981 but retired from politics in after that period to focus on her writing work.

Bibliography Edit

  • Advance Shetland Fair - The Australian/New Shetland Analogy in Environmentalist Policy (1976)
  • The Golden Years of the Uplands (1978)
  • Sleep Sound, Autocrats (1978)
  • The Timbre of Power (1980)
  • Elliot (1983)
  • Selected Writings I (1983)
  • Selected Writings II (1983)
  • Green Cigarettes (1985)
  • Pavlov Feminism (1985)
  • Heroin Heroine - The Shocking Tale of a Friendship (1986)
  • Cracked Neon Lights - Marbella in the late 70s (1986)
  • The Xth Wave (1987)
  • Selected Writings III (1988)
  • God, Where Art Thou? (1999)

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