Name East-Leeburg
Population 10,000
Language(s) Bavandan, English
Mayor Philip Bradly-Lashawn
Nicknames Viking Village, Pirate Shack, Inland Ghetto
Saint(s) Buck Leeburg

East-Leeburg (Bavanda: Pepei ’U’a) is the capital of Washington Island and the only settlement the island has. It has 10,000 inhabitants and is the only city in the nation that has a Tongan majority. It also has most American inhabitants of any nation in the country. It's considered the most beautiful town of the Harvian Islands. There are many monuments and old buildings. The scenery around the town is fantastic.


The city was built in 1198. The founder of the city was Hari Venlo Aloha, who settled on the island and raised a family of whom many famous historical chiefs and tribal leaders descent. The settlement, initially known as Hakanuii was later conquered in 1892 by Buck Leeburg (1852-1907) who renamed the village and gave it his family name.

In 1907 a revolt broke out and many Leeburgers fled the town for months. As of 2010, the mayor is Philip Bradly-Lashawn a politician known as a member of the Samoan Power-movement. He is known for his dislike and criticism of the American ways and their culture.


  1. Tongan Harvians: 31%
  2. Samoan Harvians: 26%
  3. Americans 24%
  4. Scottish: 10%
  5. Other: 9%


The culture of East-Leeburg is a mixture of classic Pacific Islander culture of the Tongan and Samoan peoples and of the Scottisch immigrants who came with Leeburg in the 1890's. It has the largest Tongan population of any city in the country and has a total population of 10,000 inhabitants. There are quite many Americans in the city and minority groups consisting of Romanians (4.3%) and Russians (2.9%). Very popular are the annual Highlander Games of East-Leeburg in which Scottish men wearing kilts prove their manhood.

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