Dunne's Creek is the state capital of Chiefs. The coastal town has two harbors, one in the town centre and one just north of the town where fish is processed. The town has, like Mapleton, a large park full of maple trees that is a national monument and a popular local tourist attraction.

The town is made up of three former villages that more or less overlapped each other and formed a large, urban area now known as Dunne's Creek. The town is surrounded by farmland and rocky cliffs. A large lighthouse built in the late 19th century is situated on the top of the Eagle Cliff. The town is popular with tourists and other visitors for its beauty and as a result there are many holiday homes.

The unemployment rate in the town is high, and school attendance low. Many parts of the town suffer under low tenancy. The state administration as well as the town council have been very unmotivated in the previous years to conquer problems but recently community projects were launched to battle both unemployment and youth crime in Dunne's Creek, Mapleton and Farwell.

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