As of June 9, 2012, New Shetland has a total resident population of 11,650,000 people making it the 74th most populous country in the world. It is a relatively urbanized population, with 72% residing in cities and suburbs as of 2008 (the worldwide urban rate is 50.5%). This leaves vast expanses of the country nearly uninhabited. Marbella, Yarmouth and Turimerpais are the most populous states, as the mean center of United States population has consistently shifted northward. Marbella is the most populous city in New Shetland.

Despite having a low population density, the country is still one of the most inhabited of Oceania. Most inhabitants are non-British Europeans. The majority of the inhabitants is of European origin. Most people are originally German, Czech, British, Irish, Polish, Nicuaraguan, Indian, Chinese, Mexican or Russian. A large minority is formed by the native people, grouped in a couple of language families: the Asalend, the Krai, the Chutean, the Aleut and the Harvian people.

A large part of the population is protestant. A significant part of the population is non-religious, however. Other major religions are not very well represented. A small Jewish community exists, and most Irish-New Shetlandians are either Catholic or non-religious. A few people converted to the hugely popular Buddhism in the last years, and there is a number of Hindu people from India and lately Fiji.

New Shetland Coat of Arms
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