School Marbella

A school in Marbella.

Because there are so many ethnic groups and languages, the predominant culture of New Shetland is defined by an eclectic mix of different cultures and beliefs. National cuisine is mostly ethnic food and American fast food. Pop music is influenced by Latino sounds as well as native music. The integration struggles of new immigrants highlight the underlying problem of the New Shetlandian society, that is, an ethnic mosaic instead of a proverbial melting pot defines the New Shetlandian culture.

New Shetland is part of the western world and is heavily influenced by American popular culture. Most people are originally European. The relative short European history of the country and the small role in world poltics have contributed to a largely introspective national culture. Both pop music and traditional music (folk and native music) are not very popular outside the country borders.

The indigenous people of New Shetland retained much of their own culture and native art and music is still practised. Also, the government tries to preserve as much as possible by building museums and encouraging local tribes to collect their art and make sure it will survive.

New Shetland Coat of Arms
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