Astria College University is a highly reconziged University in The Harvian Islands. The University was founded in 1957 by Keith Hunter to provide The Harvian Islands with a university to stop the large immigration of students leaving islands to attend university.


The University was founded by Keith Hunter, Former Oxford Professor and who had grown up in the Harvian islands. One of the major problems that had faced the Harvian Islands in the fifties was the large migration of young students who finish Secondary school and move to Australia or America to go to university. Majority of those students never came back. So in 1957 Keith Hunter founded the Astria College University. The descsion to build the university in Trinity rather than the Capital Port Phillip was important. Ten years previously A large migration of Jewish citizens left the town to migrate back to the newly formed Israel. The town was struggling financially, the current mayor saw the financial prosperity of having the university in his town and helped fund the project.

The University was completed in December 1957 and opened to new students in 1958. The only Department was the Department of Social Sciences and humanities which had only one degree, a Bachelor of Arts. 469 students enrolled in the first year for the three year course. In 1961 the department of Sciences opened and grew rapidly to became the largest university department. In 1961 the Department of mathematics, business and engineering opened. In 1989 the university board decided in forming a Education committee to expand post secondary school education facilities in Harvian. Keith Hunter formed with many of the University Board the Harvian islands Education Committee or the EC. The Committee formed Harvian polytechnic, St Tristan’s College of Education.

Student AccommodationEdit

The majority of first year students stay in the University hostels which are scattered over Astria. The Largest Hostel is Hunter Court. Built in 1979 the hostel houses 339 first year students including ten rooms with disabilities. Situated right across the road from campus and the fact that it is the cheapest hostel makes it the most popular. Each room has a king single, wardrobe, desk, heater and ceiling fan with a bathrooms to share between 6 students. All meals at Hunter Court are catered by a private catering company based in Astria. Weekly rates for the hostel rooms are $197.

The newest and by far fancier hostel is Kerin Lodge. The hostel is situated on the outskirts of Astria. Built in 2002 to accommodate the increasing number of students enrolling each year the hostel has became popular with the more wealthier students. The hostel is small with only 301 rooms; each room has a king single, air con, heater, desk, wardrobe and bathrooms for every four students. The hostel is self catered with two large kitchens and a small computer lab.

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